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We are San Diego’s top junk car removal service, we take any car running or not, wrecked, burned, salvaged and just plain old. Ecology cash for cars has been serving client all over San Diego with fast, responsible and reliable services. Junking vehicles has never been so easy. We take sedans, trucks, vans, SUVs and all vehicles with 4 wheels and a motor.

Ecology Cash For Cars is a car buying service that offers money in exchange for vehicles. Let us know of your unwanted car or truck today.

Sell Your Car Without A Title

Here at Ecology we understand how paperwork can get misplaced or simply lost in the transfer of ownership of your vehicle. Not to worry, just give us a call and let us know what paperwork you have available and we will work with you. Usually a valid ID and a current or expired registration is enough to sell most cars. Don’t believe other competitors when they say you cannot sell you vehicle without a title or that they could only take it for free, because of missing paperwork. Call us and we will pay you max cash for your junker.

Multiple Junk Car Removal

Do you own a property littered with multiple vehicles, cars that belong to family members that never came back for them, or do you have multiple cars you planned on restoring one day but have not gotten to it. We can help you get you yard back, Ecology can remove multiple junked cars at once. Our fleet of tow trucks include car carriers that can remove up to 4 cars at a time. Our experienced drivers will come to your home and pay you for your junked vehicles and remove them all the same day at the same time. Don’t hesitate to calls us if you need those eye sores removed from you property.

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