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Ecology cash for cars came about when we realized the need for safe disposal of old non running cars. We started as a small towing company, we towed broken down cars, we transported cars from homes to repair shops and delivered bought cars from the auction to their new owners. In our years of work we encountered a common question. Our customers would ask us, where they could sell their old cars? They explained these were old cars that broke down and they never got a chance to fix, or it was a restoration project that just never came to fruition.

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Many owners also just had no use for their old car and it was just sitting there collecting dust. Some just did not want the burden of paying registration and smog fees, especially if they felt that the fees were not worth the investment. Over the years we realized what a common problem this was to owners. We decided to expand into the car recycling business. We would sometimes buy the cars directly from owners and sell them to junk yards and scrap metal recycler’s.

Eventually we realized we had a new business opportunity to expand our small towing business, because of the high demand for disposing of junk cars we became Ecology Cash For Cars. We started by just trying to help customers and soon came to the realization that not only were we providing a service to customers but most importantly we were providing a service to our environment. Hence the name Ecology Cash For Cars came about.

We pride ourselves in knowing we are helping the environment by reducing smog pollution and scraped metal from lying around properties. We sell most of our vehicles to metal recyclers that scrap cars and recycle the metal to give new life to old rusty metal. Ecology cash for cars was born out of need and it has revolutionized to provide an important environmental service. So call Ecology next time you need to junk your car and feel at ease that you are contributing to a cleaner environment, as well as making sure your old metal will be transformed to something that will benefit others.

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