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Cash For Cars San Diego, Ca

Sell Us Your Car, Running or Not

Any Year, Make, And Model

Get Paid On The Spot!

We Pay Cash For Cars In San Diego

Have you been thinking about selling your car for money recently in San Diego? You should probably give us a call and see how easy it can be to get some cash for cars in San Diego if you have one. Our auto buyers team is ready to take your call and get you the highest quote possible for your good or junk car. Contact us today if you are the owner of an old car and would like to find out what kind of cash for junk cars deal we have.

Services We Offer

Car Recycling San Diego

Ecology Cash For Cars specializes in car recycling; even if a car has reached the end of its useful life, you can still get a few dollars out of it with our car recycling service. Did you know that car recycling is important because it reduces pollution, reduces the need for new raw materials, and saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and also saves money, reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and allows products to be used to their full potential?

We Buy Cars Running or Not

Ecology buys junk cars running or not, and in any condition. Junkyards in San Diego won’t take clunkers anymore; it seems that damaged junk cars for them have lost their value. We are the only junk car buyer in San Diego that still pays cash for junk cars and takes them away. Get any car or truck removed with our towing service.

Didn't Pass Your Smog Check

Are you tired of spending money on your car with no end in sight? One of the most common reasons our customers sell their cars is because of a failed smog test. Many of them are unwilling to spend further money on their cars, which, in most cases, is a waste of money. Ecology Cash For Cars recognizes this and will buy any car that has failed a smog test.
Our cash for junk cars program is committed to removing waste and toxic fumes from our environment, and we are especially interested in purchasing old cars that have failed smog checks. We want to help the environment while also compensating our customers for their junked vehicles.

When I Sell My Car For Junk Cash, What Kind Of Documents Will I Need?

In San Diego, California, there are many options on how to sell a car for cash with different types of paperwork.

  1. The certificate of title would be the easiest way of selling any vehicle. It is also known as the Pink Slip.
  2. Current or expired registration and valid picture ID.
  3. Junk Slip from the DMV.
  4. Lien Sale Paperwork.
  5. If there is no paperwork available, contact us to assist you further.

Sell Your Junk Car In 3 Steps!

Step 1

Enter your vehicle details to get an instant quote.

Step 2

After we confirm your details, we’ll arrange for a pickup.

Step 3

On-site payment will be made after we inspect and collect the vehicle.