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How to Sell a Broken Down Car for Cash?

Not all cash for cars places take broken down cars in exchange for cash. Here at Ecology Cash For Cars, you’ll find that we not only buy the good running car, but we also buy wrecked, salvaged old, and non-running. No matter the type of car you have, be sure that you’ll get some cash for it with our same-day car removal service. Contact our cash for junk car buying department and find out what your broken down car is worth today.

If you live in San Diego, California, and would like to sell your broken down non-working car or truck for cash today, request a quote now our team of auto buyers is ready to take your call. The selling of a junk car only takes two minutes on the phone and about 10-15 minutes when we arrive at your vehicle’s location. Towing is free for all vehicles we buy.