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Ecology And The Environment

As is well documented and proven, global warming is no longer a myth; a tall tale about something that might happen in the distant future when we no longer are alive or that it will be something for future generations to deal with is not true. We wish that were the case, but it is not; atmospheric warming is here and is very real, backed by science and data. Ecology Cash For Cars has a mission to reduce the impacts of warming with your help.

What causes the warming phenomenon? Certain pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere that traps sunlight and radiation. The pollutant particles trap heat and make the atmosphere hotter. These pollutants are greenhouse gasses, such as methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. This mechanism is known as the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is attributed mostly to human activity and the burning of fossil fuels. The burning of oil, gasoline, coal, and natural gas is the biggest culprit. The largest emissions are produced by Transportation, electric production, and industrialization. Large cuts in emissions are required to reverse such damage. That is why Ecology Cash For Cars is committed to removing old cars from circulation and recycling them. We understand we must protect our planet, and doing our part can help encourage others to do the same.

The danger of continuing as we have is disturbing; extreme weather is upon us. Scientists have warned about the detrimental effects of climate change. Hotter and longer heatwaves, higher incidences of drought, heavier snowfall, and cold fronts with intensified hurricanes and tropical storms. We have witnessed the increase of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and the wreckage they bring with them. Natural weather disasters cause billions of dollars in damage, without counting the lost lives and emotional distress humans experience. Ecology Cash For Cars wishes to lessen damages and loss for all living beings on earth.

Oceans are getting warmer and can reach catastrophic consequences; as the water warms, it creates a less than ideal environment for sea life; ocean temperature keeps certain bacteria from surviving but with fluctuating temperatures, the types of bacteria that survive in our oceans changes as well. Lastly and most important is that oceans serve as the cooling structures for our planet, and with our cooling system becoming warmer, our entire atmosphere warms and melts our snow caps which are an integral part of the earth’s cooling method.

Meats and methane, what is the relationship? Livestock emits methane into the environment, and with over 1 billion cattle around the world emitting greenhouse gas, eating meat comes with an expensive price tag. With beef having such an impact on our climate, switching to other protein options besides beef could be an efficient way to help reduce greenhouse gasses.

So what can you do? Simple steps such as recycling your trash and opting for proteins other than beef can help. But one of the most efficient ways to care for your planet is to reduce the burning of fossil fuels, which starts by reducing the number of gas vehicles on the road. Carpooling, riding a bike, disconnecting heavy appliances when not in use, and using your appliances in the late evening when the demand for power is not as high.

Recycling old vehicles as well as old electronics and appliances has its advantages. Recycling metal saves energy, it takes less energy to scrap metal then it is to produce it, as well as to transform it into new products. By recycling metal we conserve our natural resources and use what we already have and avoids diminishing our reserves. As well as reducing the creation and expansion of landfills, recycling precious metals is economically beneficial to our planet. It is time for humans to take a different direction towards the future when it comes to caring for our planet and finding alternative sustainable energy resources and Ecology Cash For Cars is proud to be leading the way in the car recycling industry.